Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rep. Grigsby on Democrats playing safe all the time: "People don't see change, they see us maintaining status quo."

What lesson should Democrats learn from Scott Walker and the new radicalized Republican Party? 

Do something!!
(Her fight with cancer), and what Rep. Tamara Grigsby describes as the toxic environment in the Capitol, convinced the Milwaukee lawmaker that her time in the Legislature should end after four terms.
In her interview with the Cap Times, Grigsby said what I think every Democrat in the state, and every Democrat in the country should be thinking right now, and act on:
CT: You said Democrats “played it safe” when you had the majority. How did that hurt the party?

TG: People don’t see change. They don’t see movement. They see us maintaining the status quo. Whether or not we like Walker’s leadership style, he did something different. He did something bold. He did something radical.

We have not done that and it hurts my constituency. They see our time in charge as an opportunity missed to address some of their very dire needs. That puts us in a position where we lose steam and we lose support. We lose those folks who voted for the first time.

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  1. What would be bold and radical moves by the Dems in Wisconsin.