Saturday, June 30, 2012

Walker Begging for Federal Government Hand Out for State Orchards and Maple Syrup operators.

Republican governors want to stop all the spending, and downsize government, I got it. So what happens when these same cheapskates have a natural disaster on their hands? Cut food stamps or child health care programs? Sure. But you can cut just so much. Especially when so many conservative states are begging for more federal money to save their asses from climate change.

Watch this pointed, incredibly dry shot made by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper at reporters who asked him about Republican complaints not enough money had been spent on fire fighting equipment:

No, they're the same conservatives alright. Like 2016 presidential candidate Scott Walker, who cares more about orchards and maple syrup than citizens who need health care:
jsonline: State officials have requested two federal agricultural disaster declarations to help farmers who sustained losses this spring and summer as a result of extreme weather.

The first request would provide financial assistance to orchards that lost much of their crops, including apples and cherries, this spring.

The second request would be for maple-syrup operations that also had a poor season.

The requests, submitted by Gov. Scott Walker, cover the entire state for fruit-tree losses and 14 counties for maple syrup farms.

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