Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recall Blacklist Used Again, this time for Voter Fraud?

Vicki McKenna is an idiot.

She’s the wacky Bizarro World conservative talk host now broadcasting in three areas of the state, without programming oversight or accountability. WIBA’s program director Tim Scott has all but given up on the content quality of McKenna's show. McKenna's anything goes attitude has been met with rave reviews though, from her rabidly paranoid listeners, so why tell the truth. 

The manufactured world of radical conservatism: Check out this recent irresponsible McKenna Facebook post:
BREAKING: racine voter fraud: poll workers signed recall petition for sen. wanggaard#wiright.
To be clear, voter fraud was committed because a few poll workers signed a recall petition. This nonsensical thinking is what passes for content now. Sounding scary and distrustful of liberals works, so why not. 

The radically fringe think tank wannabe, MacIverInstitute, hatched this lunacy and later in the same article, said there was nothing illegal (or ethically wrong) with poll workers who signed the recall petitions. Doh!

Just so you can see for yourself their pretzel logic, I've peppered in their own quote admitting their outrage is complete bullshit, highlighted, throughout a sample of their carefully researched post:
A check of databases conducted by the MacIver News Service reveals that as many as 78 of the 189 people who worked as official poll workers in the City of Racine last Tuesday may have earlier signed recall petitions that ultimately forced the elections to be conducted.

Partisans are not disqualified from being poll workers.
…we ran their names against the database of recall petition signers. Earlier this week, Media Trackers reported that a chief election inspector at one location, accused of ignoring GOP complaints over a voter's eligibility, had signed both the Gov. Walker and Sen. Wanggaard recall petitions.

Partisans are not disqualified from being poll workers.
Remember, neither Media Trackers or the MacIver Institute have offered tangible proof, just allegations, accusations and observations. I love the fact that they've resorted to dumpster diving too, nothing desperate about that:
Earlier, MNS reported that the Racine County Sheriff's department is investigating allegations that election related documents were found in a dumpster behind the Chavez center.
Oh no, not another recount? The following voter fraud fear mongering would be funny if it wasn't taken seriously by their low information voters:
On Friday, Wanggaard announced he was requesting a recount. "This is not about maintaining power or denying Democrats power," Wanggaard said in a statement. "But I also recognize that in the absence of a voter ID law and so many people suspicious of the election result, bitterness and division will only grow if the results are not recounted."
Wow. Here's what he and the Republican Party were saying when another recount took place, in a much closer race (.488 percent, well within recount limits), between Justice David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg for the state supreme court. Surprised?

You really can't make this stuff up.

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  1. I'm one of the poll workers who signed the recall petition. The responses to McKenna’s Facebook post were nonsensical. They believe a person who signed the recall petition cannot be trusted with their vote. Have we come to that?
    What's next? Are Republicans going to check if their bank teller signed the petition?