Friday, June 15, 2012

Romney/Ryan Medicaid Plan; 14 to 27 Million People will Lose Coverage, minus another 30 Million Repealing Obamacare.

Ezra Klein's wonk heavy economic analysis is usually right on the money. Below, Klein can't help buy point out the opposite day commentary repeated ad nauseam by the Republican Party that "the Democrats have no plan." Well, they have a plan, but it includes a millionaires tax...dead on arrival.

That rhetoric takes everybody's eyes off the fact that Mitt Romney doesn't have a plan either, and if he does, he wants to avoid telling them just in case they hate it. It's the same "say nothing" campaign run by tea party in 2010.

Klein poses this easy to understand scenario: Imagine a company interviewing a candidate to run their business, and that candidate tells them that he has a plan, but won't tell them until he's hired. Wanna make a bet he gets the boot?

Medicaid is the focus here. Klein has some bad news. Hint: States will spend the block granted money on other things, and oh, many who would have been covered will go bankrupt and die. Dying is your ultimate loss of freedom by the way. As for the market driven health plan:
Klein: "Romney says he wants to make health insurance work more like a market, but health insurance is not like a normal market. In a normal market if I can't afford a product, I don't buy it, and I walk out of the store.

In health insurance, if I can't afford the product, I potentially die. Moreover, in a normal market if I can't afford the product, the store doesn't give it to me. In health insurance, if I can't afford the product, any hospital that wants to participate in the Medicare program, that's pretty much all of them, has to treat me by law if I show up in their emergency room."

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