Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Walker Brat Fest Menu...

Scott Walker's pathetic "olive branch" brat party should not have one Democrat in attendance, but sadly, it does. Here's what they're enjoying today. Keep in mind, not all contributions were made by stark raving conservative businesses. Here's the Channel3000 report:

Governor Walker will be grilling brats for legislators and their staff. Donations include:
·         Sprecher Root Beer with specialized labels (see attachment)
·         Brats from Trig’s
·         Brats from Johnsonville
·         Brats from Brat Stop
·         Large cheese tray from Cheesers
·         Italian sausage and cheddarwurst, and buns from Sardino Brothers Sausage
·         Bison burgers, bison bratwurst – onion leek, and bison bratwurst – jalapeno cheddar.
·         Beer from Sconnie Beer
·         Potosi Beer from Rep. Tranel
·         Beer from Title Town Brewing Company
·         Brats from Usinger’s
·         Beer from MillerCoors
·         Burgers from Roundy’s Supermarkets
·         Brownies, cookies, veggie burgers, cheese from Sendik’s Food Markets
·         Buns from Pan-O-Gold
·         Plates...condiments, potato & pasta salad, beans, pickles and candy from Lipari Foods
·         Lettuce, tomato, onion, green salad w/ dressing, fruit from Russ Davis Wholesale
·         Soft drinks and water from Coca Cola Refreshments
·         Soft drinks and water from Pepsi of Madison
·         Soft drinks and water from Dr. Pepper/Snapple
·         Iced tea and juice from Kwik Trip
·         Chips from Frito Lay
·         Ice and a chiller truck/trailer from Arctic Glacier Ice
·         Propane canisters from Tru-Gas


  1. The Sprecher Beer endorsement of Walker just kills me. Their beer will no longer touch my union lips. To think teachers used to have parties at his brewery. RANDY- you make us sad.

  2. I wouldn't make any judgements on whether the food and beverages served represented an endorsement of Scott Walker. I thought I mentioned that.

    You can't really tell. A caterer may have set the whole thing up.

    Sprecker's a great beer, and not the style of low life Republicans.