Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 of the Dumbest Doctors against the Affordable Care Act Ever.

The following interview with 3 doctors is so mind numbing that I had to post it here. Not one of these guys answered any of Megyn Kelly's questions accurately, if at all, even the easy soft balls.

These unusually stupid "doctors" had a lot to say about the horrors of the Affordable Care Act, yet nothing they said made sense. Everything they're unhappy with are things we've had in health care for decades. And this thing about a shortage of doctors...a shortage creates demand, and demand creates jobs. That's a good thing, right? Megyn nailed them over and over, and this is Fox News.

One doctor was outraged that a healthy 18 year old would end up paying for an older obese diabetic. Yeah, so. That 18 year old may someday be an obese diabetic too, or disable, or need medical care...and this argument patients will over use care, visiting their doctors needlessly to what, just shoot the shit? This was more like a therapy session than an interview.

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