Sunday, June 17, 2012

Entitlements Must Go, says former Wisconsin Physician and Legislator: “Women Entitled to Babies, the Elderly Entitled to Unlimited Medical Care…Entitlement Culture finally lost Allure.” Really?

Just mentioning the word “entitlements” is like sticking a knife in the heart of a conservative, and likewise, the heart of America. The word is so vilified, that conservatives are now trying to come up with other things they could pass off as “entitlements.”

You have to read this amazing point of view by Tom Patterson, a retired physician and former state senator, to get a clear idea of why we’re rapidly taking our society. East Valley Tribune
Wisconsin recall may be the turning point, 'where entitlement culture finally lost its allure.'

Usually in politics, concentrated special interests, like public unions, prevail. This election was the exception. We may someday look back at Wisconsin as the turning point, the time when the entitlement culture finally lost its allure.

Since the 1930s, Americans have evolved the belief that the modern welfare state could provide almost everything for everyone. Women were entitled to have babies without consequences. The poor and the elderly were entitled to unlimited medical care. Banks and ball teams were entitled to socialize their losses but keep their gains. Government employees were entitled to above-market compensation and job security.
Read how Patterson weaves into his Dickensian screed a defense of the middle class, the very target of his hatred:
You name it. Housing, food, college loans, business subsidies – all came from the bottomless riches of government. But the string has played out. As in Europe, our national economy is cracking under the strain and the middle class – really, anybody not on the taking side of government handouts – can’t handle much more.

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  1. I suppose he feels that he is entitled to his bloated rate of pay. Perhaps doctors need to go back to horse and buggy style medical practices where we pay them with vegetables and chickens..He's starting to look rather elderly himself, perhaps it's time to abandon him on an ice flow..