Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RNC's Reince Priebus secretly funded Rep. Robin Vos' Voter ID Intervention.

Rep. Robin Vos can’t be trusted, it’s that simple.
jsonline: The effort to intervene in a voter ID lawsuit that spurred controversy for two state lawmakers was funded by the Republican National Committee. Rep. Robin Vos (and) Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer withdrew their names from it last week after the state Government Accountability Board told them they could not receive free legal services under the state's ethics code … after the Journal Sentinel reported about the potential ethics violation and that Vos and Ziegelbauer were refusing to say who funded the effort. On Tuesday, RNC spokesman Ryan Mahoney said the Republican committee was paying for the effort … Vos said he deliberately did not ask who was funding the effort to minimize any allegations that he was doing the bidding of outside interests.
Imagine saying something so ridiculous; Vos would do the bidding of strangers, just so he could say he didn't know them? Is he hallucinating, or are we for not laughing in his lying face?  
Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, said Vos and Ziegelbauer should face penalties for receiving free legal work. He said the RNC's involvement in the case is telling … "I guess it's not surprising Reince Priebus would be behind something like that because he has a long and storied history of trying to prevent people from exercising the franchise," Ross said.
Vos also was caught in a fantasy, where he was initially given the go ahead from the GAB:
Both Vos and Ziegelbauer said they were approached by Joseph Louis Olson, an attorney ... Vos said … the agency initially told Louis Olson (Michael Best & Friedrich) the lawmakers could participate … (the GAB) later said in writing the lawmakers could not do that. Vos declined to release a copy of the letter or provide anything that showed the agency gave different advice initially.
And finally, comic relief. You won’t believe this down the rabbit hole comment from the RNC:
Mahoney, the RNC spokesman, disputed the accountability board's conclusions … "We have a different interpretation than the GAB and just because the GAB says something violates the law does not mean it does in fact violate the law," Mahoney said in a statement.
We don't need no stinkin' laws. How long will conservative voters put up with this con job?

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