Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tea Party Losers Trash Sen. Chris Larson for missing Walker Beer and Brat Summit to Baby Sit.

Tea Party Baby Haters ask Sen. Chris Larson to Step Aside.
Sen. Chris Larson ended up not attending the Walker beer and brat summit after all, because instead, he took care of his new baby while his wife at work. He also added, "If Walker truly wants to find compromise and work together on jobs, education, and health care, he will convene a special legislative session now that there is actually a check on his power in the state senate. Let's have a real conversation about where Wisconsin is headed."

Now that’s not much a story, but it’s how the low life trailer trash tea party leaders reacted and what they said that caught my interest.

Chris Larson’s “baby excuse” didn’t feel right to these “family values” tea-tards, so they offered up a scathing press release directed at Larson, and not partisan Republican Rep. Steve Nass who stamped his feet, pouted and decided not to go.  
Oak Creek Patch: Citizens for Responsible Government and Grandsons of Liberty, called his comments "the words of an arrogant, egotistical person who demands the other party yield to his ideology."
I didn’t get that from his above transcribed comment. Think they're mad "a check in power?"
"If Senator Chris Larson cannot accept the will of 53% of the people of Wisconsin and shift his focus to growing the economy for all Wisconsinites and if he cannot step 'Forward' by attending this 'Brat Summit,' then perhaps it is time for him to step 'Aside.'"
Are we on the brink of political lunacy here? Who could hate baby sitting so much?

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