Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thomas Frank offers his take on Wisconsin.

This is a must watch piece that explains just what is now happening in Wisconsin, and not just in Kansas anymore. Thomas Frank and E.J. Dionne offer the simple truth. I will be talking about this when I fill again for Sly in the Morning, the first week of July.
Frank: "These guys present themselves, and they have no right to do it anyways, they present themselves as the opponents of entrenched power.  Okay, they have this term that they like to throw around, the ruling class, they're always going up against what they call the "ruling class." It's preposterous but they say it all the time. It sorta of makes sense in this kind of upside down world they live in. The other thing is, they have is this very Utopian view of the world. It's very 1930's, they have this vision of a this sorta heroic producer capitalist, whereas as a long time ago, it would have been the heroic working man who produced, who built America. But they have this vision of...if only we could get government completely out of the picture, and let the free market do everything exactly as it wanted. That would be a legitimate economy. That would be what solved all our problems." 

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