Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Walker no tax increase lie catching Republican voters by surprise!

Gov. Scott Walker declared victory over the budget: He held the line on taxes. Many conservatives liked the simple message, and wrapped their little mind around it. But like any business, even governmental, financial realities have a way of dispelling the simpleton view of the world.

State politicians went home bragging they pulled off a budgeting miracle.

Suckers!! Conservative voters in Racine are now shocked taxes are going up:
Caledonia Patch: More than 100 people spent their Monday night questioning why their taxes were going to increase again, but district officials said it's not their spending that has increased — it's the state funding that has decreased. The school portion of a property tax bills will rise almost 6.5 percent with that budget.
Check out of this clueless conservative true believer with all his meaningless cliches:
Wayne Clingman, of Racine, said the district needed to make difficult choices, not raise taxes. “You may not know it, but things have changed. The money is not coming and you have to make some very hard choices … and when taxes go up, people leave the state and the money that you have won’t be coming in anymore.”
I would love to see these freeloaders leave the state. It’s not like they didn’t know Wisconsinites have always paid a higher percentage of taxes, which has made our state so desirable for families, tourism and education. Please, do us all a favor and go to that tea party trailer camp paradise and don't come back.

The truth should open their eyes to the Republican budgeting deceit.
David Hazen, the chief financial officer for the school district, pointed out, “It’s important to note that we’re not spending more money in our budget, we’re seeing a shift in who is paying for it,” Hazen said.
While these conservative idiots rant about repealing “Obamacare,” they are directly causing health care costs to rise, hating every second of that too:
Other items that factored into the increase were: A 10 percent increase in health coverage costs. David Hazen, the chief financial officer for the school district said, “So we had a bump in spending, but when we get the numbers for this year my guess is that we’ll see a considerable drop,” he said. “Employees could pay up to $8,000 of their own healthcare costs. That’s why we had more savings in the year.”
That $8,000 will go to health care costs, and not to local businesses that need consumers. But that's not all. Let’s close more schools!!!
Roger Pfost, who ran for the School Board earlier this year, said the board was doing a disservice to the taxpayers and the students. “Under the voucher system, enrollment was brought down but you didn’t close the schools when you had the opportunity to.”
How dumb is that? Here’s one of the most important point every taxpayer needs to remember:
David Hazen, the chief financial officer for the school district, “So you as a taxpayer are still paying for vouchers — believe me the state is still paying — but we can’t count those students as being in the district and we lose state aid.”
I'll let that sink in for awhile.

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  1. Wisconsin has been shifting taxes from big business to middle-class workers since the Tommy Thompson administration. We pay more because others are paying less. When will everyone catch on?