Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Entitlement Reform"...the solution to the American problem-Senate Candidate Jeff Fitzgerald

Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald, candidate for the U.S. Senate, isn't afraid to tell seniors, screw you.

Republicans have set it up well, not because they're geniuses, but because they truly believe. When they talk of courage, voters cheered. When they talked about making tough choices, the voters elect them. And when they talked about being leaders, so they wouldn't have to listen to anyone but themselves, the voters felt secure and contented.

The target: Entitlements. It's a nasty word that angers conservatives; it's all about taking handouts, for being un-American and freeloading off the hard work of others. But cutting entitlements doesn't take away the need, or make the costs disappear. Jeff Fitzgerald, like every other Republican, don't want to talk about that.

On WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, Greg Neumann interviewed Jeff, who was in full "sky is falling" mode. The same panic you often see in dumb Ron Johnson's eyes. One note; few reporters, and no Republicans, know just how different the U.S. economy is to Greece's. We have a central bank and can print our own money, they don't and can't. HUGE difference. Jeff brags about how well his agenda went over in the state. No really, he did.

Oh, and Jeff won't raise taxes on the rich. Very adult and very courageous.

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