Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Walker Won, it was a Mandate, When Republicans Lose, it's Voter Fraud. Get used to this Meme.

From Sly in the Morning, John Nichols highlighted a mounting portrayal and frame pushed by conservatives; they can only lose elections due to voter fraud.

A sidelight to this important movement to watch, is dumb Ron Johnson's claim busloads of out of state voters came to Racine and cast their ballots. From a previous blog I highlighted Johnson's source of all information; Fox News and conservative talk radio. It's true. WTDY reporter Dylan Brogan interviewed him, prodded him for more, and hit the mother lode:


  1. You don't have to get used to this mime. The new congressional maps ensure that the two words "Republicans Lose" will rarely be uttered.

  2. @Nemo- you may be surprised. Given a indictment of Walker and friends who knows. As the Teabaggers demonstrated- fesh winds may come. If Walker is indicted voters may feel betrayed or go into denial and not vote at all. How will you vote Nemo if Walker goes on trial?

    BUT FOR NOW: ROJO was rather hesitant ( repeating words) in his response. Seems unsure and rightly so. It's all fabricated lies.

  3. "Meme", you friggin' idiot. A Meme is a repeated theme typically on the Internet, but it doesn't have to be - Over 9000, The Cake Is A Lie, Stupid Blogger Is Stupid, All Your Base Are Belong To Us, NyanCat, Facepalm, all that kinda stuff. Those are MEMES. Pronounced MEEEEEEEEEEM.
    Not MIIIIME.
    Mimes are the guys in striped shirts and face paint moving slowly against non-existent gale-force wind or trapped in an invisible box.
    Here's an idea - you should have a radio spot wherein you can call forth upon your vast intellectual resources and edify the masses. You really should.
    Or, Talk Radio sux and the people who engage in it are obnoxious, opinionated, self-impressed blowhards responsible for spreading ignorance and bringing America Down.
    You might wanna think about that for a minute.

  4. Oops. Typo, big time. Thanks for the elaborate heads up. You are obviously perfect, and we appreciate your invaluable lecturing and condescension.