Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rabid Radio Rancor!

I just had to post this 2 minute rant...

It's the best of the best; radio talker Vicki McKenna and co-host, after the Walker recall, chest pounding and projecting. Like the following on the Walker protesters:
McKenna: "They don't want to take any ownership of the fact that they created the most hostile environment in the city of Madison proper, that thousands and thousands of people have vowed never to return again."  
How does she know that? McKenna does her best to get Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski fired too. Why?  Because they were effective leaders of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Her guest co-host chimed in with the funniest list of falsehoods and projection I've heard in a long time. It's all right here:

Speaking of Graeme Zielinski, a lot has made of the most boring piece of video I've had to post in years, where he threw out a right wing "intern" that works for the conservative Wisconsin Reporter. Here's the offending video, and a taste of liberal commentary from a blog which will remain anonymous. I like the blog, but the blogger is a "can we all work together" liberal. That's so yesterday. Graeme's the best messenger the Democrats have seen in decades. That's why McKenna would like to see him and Mike Tate go:
Nameless Liberal Blog: Once again the moronic actions of Graeme Zielinski made the news. For some reason the Wisconsin Democratic Party has allowed Zielinski to remain the party spokesperson.  After his tortured reasoning and statements during the recall election I was hoping that someone would pay this guy’s bar tab and tell him to shove off.  Instead the political lightweight continues making scenes, such as that which took place at last weekend’s party convention. The problem with Zielinski is that he makes the Democratic Party look silly.  By tossing an intern that works for a state news website out of the convention only confirms that the spokesperson is not able to make points and further the debate on equal terms.

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