Friday, June 15, 2012

Racine Recall Loss in Racine end of World. Why didn't Election Fraud work There Too?

What, a Republican senator lost his recall election? That's not supposed to happen, not with the election fraud we have in place with no oversight or spot checks of machines statewide.

But that one loss has now become a media firestorm, compliments of the Republican tea party machine. They know how to control the media dialog. Hot on the story, Fox6:

MacIver Institute: At issue are election registration forms and partisan political literature found in a dumpster multiple voter registration forms were discovered, including mostly-blank forms that had been pre-certified by an election official

Fox6: Racine County Sheriff’s officials confirmed Thursday, June 14th they are investigating a bag reportedly containing various election materials found outside Racine’s Cesar Chavez Community Center, which served as a polling place during recall voting.

Racine County Sheriff’s Captain Unette Lemke told FOX6 News a citizen brought the bag to the Sheriff’s Office, and asked that it be examined. The Sheriff’s Office was reportedly contacted by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office, notifying them the bag would be coming to their office. Sheriff’s officials say the citizen did not make any allegations, but claimed they found the bag outside the polling place. Captain Lemke did not confirm this Thursday.

A staff member from Racine’s Cesar Chavez Community Center said he received a call from Racine’s County Clerk, asking whether the center had received any complaints of voter irregularities, but he said the center had not. The Racine County Clerk told FOX6 News Thursday she has received no reports of voter irregularities.
But here we are anyway, covering a story that if true, should also call into question every other race where Republicans won their recalls. Right? From Eye on Wisconsin:

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