Monday, June 25, 2012

To China with Love-Ron Johnson and Eric Hovde

You gotta love China...really?

Mussolini's version of fascism, the co-mingling of government and business, is now politically fashionable for our current crop of conservative millionaire lawmakers and candidates. Two perfect recent examples; Ron Johnson and Eric Hovde. For them, Communist China's heavily subsidized corporate entities, and lenient policies that allow for low wage workers and lax environmental controls, is just what America should look like.

Both are featured in the audio clip below, reported by WTDY's Dylan Brogan. When you hear dumb Ron Johnson praise China, think of all the conservative voters who agreed with that message, and Johnson's love of "creative destruction." That leads into candidate for senate Eric Hovde, who in one breath accuses his Democratic opponent Rep. Tammy Baldwin of being a communist, and then in the next praise Communist China.

There's nothing like being a Republican these days, who can have it both ways, any old time they want. Their low information voters don't know the difference, they're too busy following Fast and Furious or the latest attack on contraception.

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