Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Concealed Carry Owner thinks he's exempt from the Law!

Guess the immature, mentally 14 year old concealed carry owners don't think they need to "read the instructions" when it comes to their empty life altering concealed carry law. Channel3000:

Madison police said a man who was arrested by officers after pulling a gun on another man claimed his arrest was illegal because he held a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Wisconsin.


  1. This is blatant bashing. Unlike the person in the wrong here, most concealed carry permit holders are not irresponsible citizens. They're people, who uphold the law and pay taxes, just like you or anyone else who believes that all concealed carry is wrong and that all people who carry guns are in arrested development. I might suggest that you rethink this blanket condemnation. It's unfair to the max.

  2. It is blatant bashing, deservedly so.

    The processing of CC permits is costing me my hard earned money with added government employees. No thanks.

    True, there might be a few reasonable gun owners, I know two. But like most paranoid conservatives, I don't trust the others.

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