Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walker's Online Bachelors Degree needs a lot of work.

Adults may soon be able to study online and get their bachelors degree, and hopefully, a good job.

I don't disagree with the program put forth by the governor and university officials, what I do disagree with is the incredibly sketching planning of such a major announcement. Check it out:

WKOW: Imagine a bachelor's degree program that's online, lets you work at your own pace and gives you college credits for your work experience. That's the goal of a new initiative being launched by the University of Wisconsin System and Governor Scott Walker. Walker said the program will target adults, many of whom can't find the time to obtain a traditional degree. It would allow those students to take classes online and at their own pace, with no specific start or end date. 

The tricky part will be figuring out a way to test the knowledge a person has already gained the workplace.

UW System officials must still design those competency tests and figure out how to administer them, the cost of the program and how to pay for it is a big unknown at this point.

UW System officials also don't know when the program will start or how many degrees will be offered. 
But could it save money?
"The overhead costs are much less than other places, it could actually, potentially offset more of the other costs at more of the traditional undergraduate settings," said Gov. Walker.

There is some question about how a degree in a field like health care could be completed online. Using that example, UW officials said they would have to work out agreements with private clinics or hospitals so students could still do the field work necessary to complete the degree.


  1. Was there any information on why he made these announcements at healthcare facilities? Why wasn't this announced at a UW campus? That seems to make more sense. Or, since this is a program that the 4-years aren't supporting? I notice he had the Chancellor of the 2-years with him. Just wondering. It seemed odd he toured the state and only went to healthcare clinics/hospitals.

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