Friday, June 15, 2012

Lawmakers Rep. Robin Vos and Bob Ziegelbauer may have Accepted Free Legal Work Fighting Voter ID. Whine they didn't always.

If Republicans spent as much work running government, like they do meddling in everything else to keep power, they might get something done.

But free legal work...again. For lawmakers, they sure don't know the law:
jsonline: Two state lawmakers are trying to intervene in a lawsuit over the state's stalled voter ID law, but they are refusing to say how they are paying for it … Robin Vos and Bob Ziegelbauer refused to answer questions about the funding of the legal work for a week but indicated Thursday that they are seeking a review of whether they complied with state ethics laws. Ziegelbauer said, "If there's any violation at all, I'll just be detached from the whole program."
State law bars public officials from receiving anything of value, including legal work.

"I believe that they are being provided something of value that they're not paying for," attorney Lester Pines said. "I don't believe you can give a public official something for free. They have to explain it."

Ziegelbauer said he was not paying for the legal work. Asked who was, he said, "I can't comment because I don't know." The League of Women Voters has filed a response opposing their intervention in the lawsuit. Evidence introduced in the cases has shown voter fraud in Wisconsin is rare and that an ID requirement would not address the most common form of fraud, which is felons voting while on state supervision.

The lawyers who filed the motion are Joseph Louis Olson, of the Milwaukee office of Michael Best & Friedrich … Olson's firm drew controversy late last year when attorneys there acknowledged they did not require state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to pay for legal services he received from the firm when he was accused of violating the judicial ethics code by lying in a campaign ad.
Is this sureal or what? 

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