Saturday, June 23, 2012

Message to Free-Market/Anti-American Extremist Eric Hovde: “We’re not Communists, we’re Americans!!! Who’s Got the Sob Story Now?

Senate candidate and billionaire Eric Hovde is finding it difficult to reach out to, and talk to, the low life rabble in society otherwise known as working class Americans. 

Name calling and the vilification of the Democratic Party as commies is so…50’s. It’s odd too how conservatives want to take out country back to, what, a pure capitalist system? When was that? Please Eric, name the other industrialized countries that are pure free market systems?   From The Hill :
"I fundamentally disagree with Tammy on almost everything. She has a more liberal voting record than almost anybody in Congress. Her philosophy has its roots in Marxism, communism, socialism, extreme liberalism — she calls it progressivism — versus mine, which is rooted in free-market conservatism."
What is Hovde trying to do, channel Joe McCarthy? Our representative democracy is also rooted in the free-market experiment as well. It’s two systems in one, how original.  Republicans can’t image the possibility that half or more of the businesses in the country may very well be owned and run by liberals.
jsonline: Baldwin's campaign took sharp issue with Hovde. Spokesman John Kraus told the Hill that Baldwin has worked with Republicans to protect manufacturing in the United States against unfair trade practices by the Chinese. "Hovde clearly has no interest in bipartisan work to create jobs and move our economic recovery forward," Kraus said.
A better response; capitalism has resulted in offshoring, and the outsourcing jobs. Without worker protections put in place by the same government they pay taxes to support, the bloodletting of American jobs will continue. Hovde would consider that just another “sob story” though.

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