Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Republican Rep. Steve Nass throws tantrum again, won't attend Walker Brat Fest.

Like the title says, Rep. Steve Nass is MAD again. He's the master of petty tantrums. He's used government to quell free speech on the UW campus by censoring a protest art festival, and now he's objecting to the Democratic Party's rarely uttered fighting words of resistance.
Nass: "They want to continue with the rhetoric and the dispicable comments and language…he (Sen. Fred Risser) even said the governor is arogant, and the Democrats behavior will continue until the Republicans change their policy.”
Nass is also the master of conservative projection:
Nass: “What they want to do is continue to bully, whether it’s the voters, or the taxpayers,  the GOP, they just want to continue that playground bully., and it has just got to stop.”
That’s right, the minority is playing the playground bully? And regarding Mike Tate’s comment;“Scott Walker will see the inside of a jail cell before he sees the inside of another term.” Vicki’s insightful two cents:
McKenna: “Oh shut the hell up. You know that’s what I wanted to say to that guy, shut the hell up already.”
The amazing thing is, this is just one short moment of conservative talk radio. It's nasty, whiny and condescending. For instance... 

...Listen to McKenna portray the big money influence (like the Koch’s) and think tanks (like ALEC) as completely irrelevant. She truly believes the public is as dumb as bricks. Perhaps that's why the conservative elite, the chosen ones in radio, in think tanks and as elected politicians, have the freedom to say anything they want...or nothing at all. 
McKenna: “That’s the kook contigent…Nobody gives a rats backside in fact, outside of downtown, very small segment of downtown isthmus leftists, Koch means something to drink, or something to stick up your nose, and ALEC is something you name your kid.”
This is beyond theater of the absurd. These are the people were being asked to reason with?  

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