Friday, June 29, 2012

Lawless Scott Walker Ignores Health Care Law he doesn't Like, says Job Creators will now wait for November Elections!!

Imagine the U.S., where Republican "lawmakers" only enforce the laws they agree with, and ignore the ones they don't like, apologetically. Why even have laws? Oh yeah, that's the point, small government.

Sociopathic as ever, Gov. Scott Walker is willing to ignore the law and hold off on implementing health care exchanges (along with hurting Wisconsinites who need health care), so he can demonstrate to voters his courage and ideological vision for America.

As for jobs, Walker is very clear, businesses continue to care more about Republicans winning elections than running their business and keeping up with demand.

Not only that, Walker's excuse this time for not creating all those jobs he promised after winning the recall election: the Supreme Courts decision on the Affordable Care Act.

Walker plays for suckers those voters who believe businesses hire employees based the party in power. Forget about serving clients or produce products based on demand. I have to admit, this new wrinkle and reason to elect Republicans is crazy enough to make sense to many conservatives.

From WDTY's Dylan Brogan:

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  1. My healthcare can't wait..June 29, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    How bizzaro is this. Now he's laying the blame for poor job creation on Obama care which has not been fully implement,embed in Wisocnsin?