Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scott Walker supports job killing Health Insurance "Freedoms" and Premiums.

What ails Milwaukee County, local and state federal governments is health care coverage. It's the most expensive in the world, yet we won't opt into a much less expensive single payer plan for purely ideological reasons.

But instead of going single payer, which would be a socialist commie takeover according to Republicans, conservatives have decided to take health care away, or at least make individuals pay exorbitantly more out of pocket.

Nice solution?

The story of Milwaukee County's financial woes can be laid at the feet of it's former county executive, Scott Walker. Two terms and near bankruptcy, Walker was given a pass on the Greater Milwaukee Committees devastating report that should have, and would have, taken down any potential candidate for governor. Instead, we put Walker in control of the state, and he has in turn, done everything he can to let health care take its toll on businesses and price consumer out of life saving services.
jsonline: Despite deep budget cuts and shifting substantial pension and health care costs onto its employees this year, Milwaukee County still faces a projected $28 million shortfall next year, a gap that could grow to $92 million in five years, according to a long-range forecast. Among the reasons for an ongoing county budget shortfall: high and still growing health care costs; continued steep pension costs; and the expectation of flat state and federal aid … expenses growing by an annual rate of 5.1% but revenues climbing by just 3.5%.

County Supervisor Jim "Luigi" Schmitt said the county has gone about as far as it can in program cuts and shifting benefit costs to employees. "The only answer seems to be we need another revenue source," Schmitt said during a meeting of the board's finance committee. "It's as plain as the nose on my face."
Actually, the answer lies in what could be a Democratic argument for universal health care. The door is wide open for it, inviting the clueless uncommitted Democrats, who continue to shy away from a fight, to finally make the case and appeal to the public’s desire for change. Instead though, it appears to still be off the table. 

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