Saturday, June 16, 2012

Republican Special Interests and Campaign Donors called in to investigate Wanggaard loss in Racine.

While the right wing in Wisconsin can't get over a few signs in the yard of a prosecutor in the Walker/John Doe investigation, put there by his public employee wife, they're just fine with putting campaign contributors in charge of a witch hunt over allegations of voter fraud in Racine. The allegations are the result of a well coordinated conservative media campaign to call into question the election process and dirty tricks by minorities as seen by partisan Walker "poll watchers." 

One Wisconsin Now's Scot Ross can't help but point out the obvious:
Noting the glaring conflicts of interest of the Racine County District Attorney, an appointee of Gov. Walker and campaign contributor to Sen. Wanggaard, and the Racine County Sheriff, a financial supporter of the local Republican Party, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross called on both officials to immediately recuse themselves from any investigation of local GOP complaints involving the recalls elections of Gov. Walker and Sen. Wanggaard.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross asked, “Is this Hazzard County or Racine County?” He continued, “Local officials with glaring conflicts of interest and cozy relationships with the losing candidate conducting ‘investigations’ of high minority voting population polling places that voted overwhelmingly against them looks a lot more like the Jim Crow-era South than modern day Wisconsin.”

In addition to publicly endorsing Sen. Wanggaard’s election, campaign finance records maintained by the State Government Accountability Board reveal the Racine County District Attorney contributed to Sen. Wanggaard’s campaign as recently as last month in addition to earlier financial support. The Racine County Sheriff is on record donating to local GOP politicians and the Racine County Republican Party.

The Racine City Clerk’s Office has reported that at both voting locations at which the GOP has lodged complaints about new voter registrations, the number of new voter registration forms in their files matches the number of new voters who registered and cast votes.

Ross noted that Sen. Wanggaards’s recount request today, publicly acknowledged by top GOP officials as having no chance of altering the outcome of the election..
I liked this response as well...
State Senate Democratic Committee Executive Director, Zac Kramer regarding the recount in the 21st Senate District: “We are disappointed that Senator Wanggaard’s last act as a senator will cost the tax payers of Racine County tens of thousands of dollars. It’s ironic that after all the talk from Republicans about moving Wisconsin forward, they contradict themselves once again by these relentless political games.” 

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