Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wood County votes to spend my money on their road repairs, not the frac haulers.

Hey Folks, Wood County wants me, a Dane County resident, to help pay for their frac sand mining road repairs. I say, go to hell. I guess this where industry can now insist it doesn’t even have to take responsibility for the public roads to and from their mine?  You got it! Marshfield News Herald:
Wood County officials are commended for taking a positive stance on frac sand hauling. At Tuesday's County Board meeting, supervisors voted 17 to 2 to approve a resolution to ask the state for assistance to improve local roads to withstand the weight of trucks hauling frac sand.

The approach is the right one for county leaders to take, and the tone is positive. Previous … Wood County Highway Commissioner Doug Passineau has been working with frac sand haulers to get commitments to repair any damage done by hauling.

It's more a heads up to the state that counties like ours will need some help to improve roads for this new industry … Perhaps the state can help by freeing up some road funds for these projects.
No wonder industry thinks they can do anything they want, because they can. But they can't spend my money for their servitude to industry and their own bad business behavior. 

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