Sunday, June 24, 2012

Deceptive Faux Women's Group tool of Big Insurance, Doctors and Health Care Industry.

Really, "Concerned Women for America?" God I hate these contrived names used by conservative crooks to deceive and destroy their special interest targets.

Their new ad stood out for me as I casually watched Sunday morning news talk on TV. It's so heavy handed, fearful, and factually wrong that I had to post it here.

According to their website spin: 
"As the Supreme Court decides the fate of government-mandated health care, we must continue to seek real reform, not President Obama's plan which costs hardworking taxpayers too much money and gives Washington too much control over our personal health decisions."
Here's the ad's text and my corrections. 
"As a doctor, I do everything I can to make sure my patients get the very best care. But look at our health care system. Everyone agreed we needed reforms -- but this new health care law -- it just isn't fixing things.
It has fixed things.According to the latest CBO report, health care costs have started to stabilize, and in some cases, come down. That's because the whole industry knew they had to do something, forced by the Affordable Care Act, so they changed their business models. This would not have happened otherwise. 
President Obama promised my patients that they could keep me -- but what if because of this new health care law -- I can't keep them?
It's the tiresome "what if" conservative argument. Think of this: How many got to keep their physicians when they lost their jobs or their employer change insurers? That happens all the time, so this "keep your doctor" promise was always an empty one, even before the Affordable Care Act. 

Forewarning for the next part of the script: "Denied care" has been happening for decades, and will no longer exist with the Affordable Care Act. This deceptive ad states just the opposite. Additionally, it warns of "projected billions" when in fact, it's paid for. The same is true of the $1 trillion in spending, also paid for with citizen premiums. That's according to the CBO's latest report, which was turned inside out in the conservative media. 
I've looked at this law. I know the consequences: delayed care and worse yet -- denied care.Studies show the president's health care law is projected to add hundreds of billions to our deficit -- and increase spending by more than a trillion dollars. And the truth is -- we still don't know how much this law will eventually cost.
And finally, who would you trust, your own government guaranteeing you the right to health care, or an insurance company turning you down for coverage in the pursuit of profits? These concerned women really aren't. 
I don't want anything to come between my patients and me -- especially Washington bureaucrats. We need real reform that improves care, and the President's health care law just isn't it. It just isn't worth it. This is where health care decisions should be made. Not in Washington."
Again, between you and your an insurance bureaucrat, denying you care. If you want to tell these corporate whores with the touchy feely women's name just what you think, here's their contact information. 
For Information Contact: Alison Howard (609) 517-7235

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  1. This ad was initially run in 2009 before the bill was passed.
    Doctors Have Their Say on Both Sides of Health Care Debate

    Both sides of the health care debate are attempting to gain more credibility with messages straight from doctors and nurses in new television ads.

    Following President Obama's health care address with doctors from around the country -- decked out in white coats -- Organizing for America (OFA) is launching an ad featuring a doctor and a nurse. OFA is Mr. Obama's political arm of the Democratic National Committee.

    "We need to provide stability and security for those who have insurance, and cover those that don't," Dr. Jeremy Spinks says in the ad.

    The ad will run for two weeks on national cable, according to Talking Points Memo.

    Meanwhile, the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity is running its own ad featuring Dr. Ami Siems, a family practitioner. The group is spending $1.7 million to run the ad through next Wednesday on national cable, Chris Cillizza reports.

    "If the government starts to take over health care, your choices could be reduced health care could be rationed, quality would suffer," Siems warns. will give a more in-depth look at the different perspectives of medical professionals today on its live Web show Washington Unplugged at 12:30 p.m. ET. Dr. Donald Palmisano, former president of the American Medical Association and a spokesman for the Coalition to Protect Patients' Rights, recently wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Palmisano will debate Mr. Obama's health care proposals with Dr. Mandy Krauthamer, who recently met with the president to discuss reform.