Friday, June 8, 2012

Dictatorial Conservative Sheriff David Clarke's staffer under investigation by Milwaukee DA. Another one?

What is it about possible crooked Republican freeloading politicians (and elected Sheriffs)?

First it was Scott Walker’s people being investigated, now it whack job authoritarian Sheriff David Clarke’s people. Coincidence?
Jsonline’s Dan Bice: A spokesman for Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. confirmed that his office is conducting a criminal investigation of one of his top staffers. Major Nancy Evans - who oversees the County Jail and the County Correctional Facility - South in Franklin - is currently on administrative leave, said spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin. "There is an investigation taking place," said McLaughlin, who declined to provide details. She said her office is working with District Attorney John Chisholm on the probe. Sources tell No Quarter that the investigation is focusing on the alleged misappropriation of large sums of money.
In what could only be described as jaw dropping, Major Nancy Evans was the most amazingly unqualified person for the job:
Evans, who joined the department in 1997, was appointed by Clarke earlier this year to command the Detention Services Bureau, the largest segment of the sheriff’s office. Along with the jail and correctional facility, she oversees electronic monitoring and court services.

“I’ve worked in a dental office, and the dentist I worked for was retiring, and a friend encouraged me to apply for this position. Honestly, I never really imagined this,” Evans told WITI-TV (Channel 6) earlier this year.
The Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriffs' Association has publicly complained about Evans' swift rise to management under Clarke. The union contends that Evans leapfrogged over other eligible deputies.
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