Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Death Threat to Walker Petitioner Played Down by Media

You’d never have guessed someone threatened to kill a petitioner from the following headline:
"Tensions over Walker recall effort lead to rise in complaints to police"

Not much there, right? The story was written by Northwestern reporter Jeff Bollier. Here's what he wrote:
Rising tensions over the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker in Oshkosh have led to a flurry of complaints to the Oshkosh Police Department and an Oshkosh business owner receiving a citation for disorderly conduct after he threatened a recall signature collector Tuesday afternoon.

Threaten...with a punch...recall petition destruction? Oh, a death threat!

The Oshkosh Police Department cited Carl Sosnoski after the signature collector, Robert Bergman, showed officers a video recording of an incident on the sidewalk in front of South Park Middle School. In the video, Bergman tells Sosnoski he is recording him because he felt he was being harassed. The citation carries a fine of $295.

"You are being harassed and pretty soon you're going to be killed," Sosnoski replies in the recording before he stepped away from the camera and made a phone call. Sosnoski said he stopped to ask Bergman whether he had permission to collect signatures on school property. Sosnoski said he has contacted a lawyer and intends to fight the citation and possibly explore further action against Bergman.

More frivolous lawsuits, this time by conservative whiners who can’t help but be wild eyed hypocrites?
Bergman said he got into his vehicle, locked the doors and called 911 to report the incident … Officers arrived a little while later, talked to both Sosnoski and Bergman, reviewed the video and issued the municipal citation.

Can you imagine a possible volunteer hearing this and deciding not to gather petition signatures for fear of what might happen to their families? I can. And this what Republicans mean when they say they want to restore our “freedom and liberties?” Boy, they are Constitutional conservatives, aren't they?

Walker and the Fitzgerald's continue to encourage this chaos, by not denouncing these thuggish tactics. 

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Anonymous said...

All I saw was a faceless guy circleing someone truck with a video camera, then the man ask "what are you doing" and in a moment of stupidity says you are going to die or be killed" which wasn't the the smartest thing to say. Bergman could have felt to unsafe or like harm was going to come to him coz it was he that circled the mans truck, it was he that kept video taping when the man walked away from him. Bergman claims he was taping from his truck he was SO scared -Right with the widows down? ( you can hear the guys phone ringing.
Question : if Bergman was in fear 1. why didn't he call 911 first? Or even try a little bit to stay away from this guy.
Bob bergman doesn't give the whole story- kinda like he says" they lost ALL their bargaining power " when they lost most but not ALL- Kinda like " they lost ALL funding " When truth be told they lost SOME NOT ALL funding" Like when he CALLS THE DEMS THAT WENT TO IL. "Heros" What about the guys that actually do put their life on the line- those that went to il. are not even close to those people. What about the guy working at the gas station that voted for them -THEY FORGOT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO REPRESNT HIM/HER- They prove to me they were only represent you if you were a union member.
And where my constitutional right to HEAR BOTH SIDES SPEAK so I can make an informed decision. BUT SOME HOW DEMS DON'T FEEL I HAVE THAT RIGHT ---JUST GO AN TRY TO LISTEN TO ANY SPEAKER THAT OPPOSES THEM. I'm basing my vote on what I see and hear and definitely against ANYONE NOT ALLOWING ME TO HEAR BOTH SIDES.