Monday, January 30, 2012

What’s the point, Newsmax? Warren Buffet’s secretary bought a second home!!! Yeah, so?

In what appears to be a pot shot at Warren Buffet’s secretary, who pays more in taxes than her boss, Newsmax has apparently decided her taxes aren’t high enough…or she’s living high on the hog…or that she’s not doing too badly even if she does pay more in taxes than a billionaire?

To be honest, I can’t figure out what this voice of the radical right is getting at, except to say in the most idiotic way, gotcha.
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s secretary Debra Bosanek has become the face of President Barack Obama’s so-called Buffett Rule, which maintains that the secretaries of wealthy Americans should not pay a higher tax rate than their boss. Yet despite her presumably crushing tax burden, Bosanek and her husband last year were able to buy a second home in Arizona complete with a swimming pool and putting green.
A cement pond? Wow, how unique is that in sunny Arizona? And that has what to do with Buffet's secretary paying more in taxes than a billionaire?
The Bosaneks bought the 2,100-square-foot home outside Phoenix, paying $144,000 for the four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath property, according to The Smoking Gun website.

What a scoop! Smoking Gun, you’ve done it again? Think about it; this is just a $144,000 home, that's cheap. Any home owner would know that. Is it for retirement? Having been a Realtor at one time, that's not a luxury villa, and get a load of the low value of her main residence:
Their principal residence is in Bellevue, Neb., not far from Buffett’s corporate headquarters in Omaha. That home, valued last year at $217,000, also has four bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths — but no swimming pool or putting green.

This story is a pathetic and pointless slap back at Obama's proposal to impose a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on those poor dears who's incomes are over $1 million a year, instead of 17.4 percent like Buffett pays, or the 13.9 percent Mitt Romney pays. 

Any questions? Try to pull it together conservatives, really. This story has no link, and was part of an email allert with multiple stories. 

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  1. Most pertinent point about this: Newsmax completely ignores her husband's possible income. How much does HE make? He could contribute a decent income to the couple's holdings, but that obviously hasn't changed what rate his missus is taxed at (maybe they file separately, for instance), and that's the point of the Buffett Rule. Besides, doesn't change the fact that she's taxed at a higher rate than Buffett. If she nevertheless can afford (a down payment and a mortage on) a second home, then Buffett must, like most billionaires, really be undertaxed. In general, I think the Newsmax line of reasoning tells us that 1.) there's no limit to how low those dudes will stoop to attack anyone they perceive as a threat 2.) they have no clue, and 3.) they think that if you're low or middle income and have a TV or other possessions beyond a garden rake or maybe an oxen, you're fabulously rich.