Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alberta in Wonderland! What Lie will Sen. Darling Fabricate Next?

Sen. Alberta Darling in Wonderland really does think her rabid conservative voter base must be that dumb. The following disturbingly "detached from reality" comments by Darling, cannot be dismissed. This is beyond hyperbole. On Upfront with Mike Gousha, she actually said this:
Darling: "When you look at what we did, compared to what Gov. Doyle did in a much better environment..."
Say what? 2007 and 2008 saw the entire U.S. economy collapse, along with the loss of 8 million jobs nationwide in what must have been a "much better environment." Doyle had to deal with a $5 billion state deficit. "A much better environment?" This continues the Walker narrative that Doyle, not the Great Recession, caused the state to lose thousands of jobs. This also subtly reinforces the lie that the jobs created in the first six months of the Walker administration were his doing, when in fact, it was the Doyle administration. Walker supporters of course will believe anything.

Conservatives continue to believe, wrongly, that Democrats and their liberal base are as gullible as they are when it comes to policy. They assume we're all union drones, that we would fall in line with a simple list of their talking points. Ridiculous nonsense. What goes unsaid in the following clip, is the influence of big business. If money is free speech, than isn't union money protected free speech? Darling in Wonderland claims the unions are driving the message:

Just to clarify, Democrats never claimed we would see massive layoffs, that's another fiction created by Darling in Wonderland. And finally, Mike Gousha asked Darling why she's so concerned about the cost of the recalls, when Republicans didn't mind the cost of running fake Democratic candidates in the earlier recalls? Hint, she doesn't answer the question. A glaring gotcha!

Darling in Wonderland can't help but whine that now that with recall supporters watching, and voting soon, that Republican radicals can't do everything they want to do now. That's right!

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