Monday, January 16, 2012

Walker Republicans to Play Down Extremist Agenda before the Recalls.

Walker's lackey legislators are going to tone down their extremist radical agenda during the upcoming recall elections, hoping no one will notice their open admission they're fully aware of their bullying. 
WSJ: Republicans who control the Legislature have their sights set on passing just four major bills and little else … the negative influence of recalls against four Republican senators and the ongoing bitter partisan atmosphere that hinders building coalitions across party lines. 

That slim majority and threat of more recalls leave lawmakers on edge. "When a legislator is under recall and looking down the barrel of a recall election they're going to be more sensitive," said Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, one of the four targeted for recall this year.

"Because of the fact that we have four senators under recall and uncertainty that surrounds the Capitol, that will mean that very few bills will pass," said Rep. Robin Vos, the GOP co-chair of the Legislature's budget committee.
The party that insists on long debates and a public’s right to know what’s in a bill, has rethought that idea, and came up with an excuse to make an exception…lots of ‘em:
Republicans also rushed through many major proposals before nine recall elections last year, like redrawing political boundaries and requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, leaving fewer items on their agenda for 2012.

But like that rush job, the few bills getting attention this time are as destructive as the previous right wing lunacy:
The four bills Republican leaders say they are working to pass would clear the way for an iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin, ease laws related to developing on wetlands and environmental regulation, and create a venture capital fund to assist start-up businesses.

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