Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scott Walker’s message to the nation: Help, they’re trying to overthrow the king!

These self-anointed leaders, self-aggrandizing egomaniacs love all the attention, don’t they.

I love it when conservatives get a little too comfortable when commiserating with fellow loons, and start pounding their chest or whining endlessly about their lot in life. It’s a peak into the behind the scenes trash talk that happens when control freaks like Walker spill their guts accidently in public to a sympathetic corporate whore.     

The Wall Street Journal did this little puff piece for Scott Walker as a way to get his message out for purely fund raising purposes. Walker’s “sky is falling” description of what would happen if he were to  lose his recall election is the ranting’s of a desperate man.

While conservatives laugh at Democrats for claiming “the sky would fall” under Walker’s policies, something they never said by the way, Walker is on the national stage warning America that the Democrats are trying to overthrow the king.

Whack job celebrity wingnut Stephen Moore wrote this:
jsonline: The stakes here "go well beyond who will be governor of Wisconsin … The recall's ultimate objective is to intimidate any official across the country who's thinking of crossing swords with the empire of teachers and other public-employee unions. "This is about killing reform initiatives in every state in the country," says Mr. Walker.  

Nice. It looks like public disapproval by nearly half the voting public is now “intimidation?”

The “empire of teachers?” Oops, Walker brags he’s never said anything bad about teachers…until now. Anyone think he’s never dissed them in back room discussions with his brownshirted lackey’s?

You’ll love the Wall Street Journal’s minimization of the John Doe investigation:
And local Democrats are smelling blood over a recent mini-scandal involving alleged embezzlement of public funds by two of Mr. Walker's top aides when he was Milwaukee County Commissioner.

Who knew that when Republicans get caught breaking the law, it’s just a mini-scandal. But King Walker has a warning to all good Americans:
If unions succeed in getting voters to evict reformers, it could "set back the conservative reform agenda across the states for a generation," Mr. Walker warns.

The king has spoken. Yeah, that “conservative reform agenda’s” is popular. 

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