Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Racine Can't Afford to Keep Street Lights on after Walker Budget Cuts.

The continuing stream of nightmarish Walker budgeting stories will eventually turn public opinion against him, and may even have a major effect in the recall. The tragic story below is only the beginning of course, where cities and towns will have to deal with an administration more concerned with pleasing business than giving a damn about the people in this state. 

Racine is starting to turn out street lights to save money after Walker's cuts. The same thing happened in Clintonville. And this is the greatest, richest country in the world? Fox 6: 

Crews in Racine spent Wednesday taking down several street lights! It's a measure meant to save money, but some residents are trying to stop it, citing safety concerns. 

Candice Gloede is one of many Racine residents who have signed a petition to stop the removal of street lights. Her block alone is set to lose two street lights, and she feels this is unacceptable. "When the bar's full on Friday and Saturday nights, and there's tons and tons of cars on the street, more break-ins, more kids getting injured. It just doesn't make any sense to me," Gloede said.

Racine lost more than $3 million in state funding this year. The elimination of nearly 500 street lights throughout the city is only a small part of much larger cuts, saving around $80,000 per year. Racine Mayor John Dickert says these street lights won't be back anytime soon. "There is not enough money. The fact is, these cuts will become the norm, as long as this type of budgeting from the state keeps coming down to the cities," Dickert said.  "It's not good for any of us. We don't like it, but the fact is, this is what we have to do," Dickert said.


  1. Racine's "savings" will be noticed as lost revenue by the utility company. Some folks insist that we do not live in a zero sum economy but if this spreads any further, utility companies will start requesting new rate hikes or layoff employees to make up for the lost revenue. Just another open lane in the race to the bottom.

  2. So true. I remember one of the major utilities asked for a rate increase because of the state lost so many manufacturing plants, and energy saving programs consumerd used cut their monthly bills.

    So much for saving money.

  3. YEAH RIGHT! Racine - Mayor John "It's Unwinnable" Dickert is SUING the City of Racine, demanding the people pay his legal bills for his lies.

    Theres' not a money problem in Racine. There is a BRAIN problem. John Dickert is a LOSER.