Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Falk Announces Run for Governor.

I'm open minded about any of the possible candidates. But...

I'm not sure who said what in the interview below, but its bad enough to double check. Was it WKOW reporter Tony Galli's wording, or Kathleen Falk's?
"She's okay with the governors success at forcing the union workers to contribute more to their health premiums and pensions." 

I remember the union members going along with the plan to contribute more, but objected to the limitations on collective bargaining.

From Channel3000, a little more from Falk and Jon Erpenbach, with the tag line, "hand picked by the unions."

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  1. Good for Erpenbach for recognizing that he has liabilities. I wish that Kathleen Falk had that same self awareness. Unless she can demonstrate otherwise, I do not believe she will generate enough support throughout the state to defeat Walker. She's too closely identified with both unions and Dane County to be attractive to many who don't like Walker but are wobbly about Democrats.