Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does Walker Really Hate Out-of-State Interference? Didn't think so.

Gov. Scott Walker hates big union bosses from out of state, interfering in Wisconsin's business, but loves big corporate bosses influencing and buying our elections. What else can you say:
AP: More than 60 percent of the donations Gov. Scott Walker has received from individuals since Dec. 11 came from outside Wisconsin ... watchdog group the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign shows that 61 percent of his money came from out of state ... $1 million he got from three Missouri donors and one from Texas over a single week earlier in January ... roughly half of the $4.5 million Walker raised over the past five weeks came from 33 individual donors ... Walker has raised $12.1 million since last year, the most-ever by a candidate for governor in Wisconsin beating his previous $10 million record set in 2010.

Outside moneyed interests, not the union kind, are just helping Walker save the American way of life. That's what makes Walker's efforts so virtuous. 

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  1. This blog post is comically epitomizing. The subtitle of the blog is, "A journey into the depths of conservative deception and failures.." and yet this post features a fake quote from Jefferson. US progressives are the worlds perfect projectionists.