Monday, January 16, 2012

Dumb Ron Johnson is a bad Accountant, and Bad Ayn Randian Second Rate Actor.

Ron Johnson married into his business. That's what conservatives call success. But Johnson is taking his "Fountainhead" Gary Cooper impersonation on the road, and sternly denouncing all the wrong things. He wants to cut government spending for infrastructure rebuilding, when interest rates have never been lower, and borrowing would be smart. Hey, he's a former accountant in the private sector, and nothing ever goes wrong there. 

Check out this well rehearsed line from dumb Ron Johnson: 
DailyHarold: This opening response in a recent interview with the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation "I am a citizen legislator with a background in accounting and a lifetime of experience operating within the private sector," Johnson said. "I understand budgeting, how the private sector really works and how jobs and general prosperity are created. I have a real world understanding of how government regulatory and tax and spending policies impact small to medium-sized businesses and the greater economy."

So what does dumb Ron Johnson want to take down:
Johnson, 56, tells everyone he came to Washington to do two things: repeal the health care law. 
The CBO says reform will save some money in its first 10 years, and a massive amount of money the next ten years. If you don’t believe the CBO, then what explains the smallest increase in health care rates? That’s easy, the Affordable Care Act pushed the health care industry to reform, try different business models, form groups, organize and employ doctors, invest in cost saving technology and on and on. Before that, they NOTHING HAPPENED.

Dumb Ron Johnson would try and reverse that, with no workable plan.  

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