Friday, January 20, 2012

Walker's Education Reform, without the Educator.

Gov. Scott Walker made his presentation to the right crowd. After all, when you put the power of education into the hands of partisan school board members and “business” managers, instead of in the control of teachers who are actually doing all the work, who would complain.
Channel3000: Gov. Scott Walker said legislation will soon be introduced on a number of education reforms, including creating a state accountability system … to about 2,000 school board members, district administrators and school business managers during the 2012 State Education Convention in Milwaukee.

But there was one glaring omission:
However, the governor outlined his plans without the attendance of state Superintendent Tony Evers, who he said he would work with on the new programs. An Evers spokesman said he hadn't been apprised of the package of reforms "I'm a little bit in the dark on the legislative piece," Evers said "Despite my leadership in these arenas and constitutional authority, I have not been involved in the drafting of the education proposals that have been announced.” 
This is a partisan piece of public education meddling:

It looks like the teachers union's decision to not be a part of the Walker side show, throwing their name into the mix to add credibility to a purely partisan political attack, was a wise one:
The state teachers union declined to be part of one of the task forces, instead holding education forums on its own. "Feeding that information back to the task force was the way we thought we best could help the work they were doing, because we valued what the mission was. Unfortunately, the delivery seems to reflect a good deal of what we suspected might happen," said Mary Bell, president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council.

One of those team members, a Kettle Moraine teacher, called the information outlined by Walker on generic and said he would like to see more details of how specific things … so it is meaningful for parents and teachers. 

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