Sunday, January 22, 2012

Walker Rally Losers Gather to Pound Chest, Look Stupid!!!

Do these guys look worried. Of course. This is how authoritarians act when they're backed into a corner. You be the judge. From the Waukesha Patch:

And a few protesters:

About 3,000 people rally at a pro-Walker event Saturday at Hart Park in Wauwatosa, with some of the state's most powerful Republicans.
It would seem job losses and the loss of consumer rights works for them:

Supporters traveled from blocks away in Wauwatosa or hours away such as La Crosse and Rosholt in Marathon County. A trio from the La Crosse Tea Party drove three hours to cheer on Walker and sell $2 "No Recall" bumper stickers. Teachers came from Twin Lakes in Kenosha County to help with a bake sale, encouraging donations for goodies that covered long tables. Among the items: frosted red, white and blue cookies in the shapes of T, G, F, S and W — or as a sign explained: "Thank God For Scott Walker."


  1. Kleefish said "They (Volunteers) thought it ended with a bunch of signatures"! She also asked the folks to take the money they saved on property taxes and donate the money to the cause (Te he--what cause would that be?--saving your job? or Walker/s?)!!

  2. With that many Tea Bagger idiots in one place it's a stroke of luck that someone's concealed carry didn't discharge accidentally.