Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walker gets his own goofy song.

Sounding a bit like the Cheers theme, with a little of Styx mixed in...and a lot of wimp, here's the only song I can think of supporting Scott Walker.

One authoritarian subtlety I noticed was the use of "Governor" Walker, instead of the Scott. Singer songwriter Glen Shulfer pretty much treats Walker at the untouchable leader conservatives seem to like so much. Pretty impersonal, and pretty cold. Production value is good, but the subject matter...it's like singing about cancer.


  1. I just puked in my mouth, no dude should feel this way about another man. Turn in your bro card -----

  2. i need a mental chaser. what's the equivalent of horrendous aftertaste of the mind?

  3. Wow -- especially the scene on the Harley!