Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald and Assembly Republicans Prank Mining, the Environment and Democrats.

For something as controversial as iron ore mining, nothing stood out more than the sick prank initiated by Jeff Fitzgerald, where he teased the Democrats with a "I am Spartacus" moment, by claiming every Republican was an author of the mining bill. Sweet.

The Republicans were having so much fun passing the author less bill (written by the industry), that they held a chaotic hand count of those who supported it, instead of asking for unanimous consent. It was an in your face insult to the assembly Democrats, the tribes, and concerned citizens who had so many serious questions left to be answered. The public hearings were simply side show performances by Republican representatives.

Is this kind of arrogance okay with the average conservative voter? Do mines pollute rivers?

You'll also notice Jeff Fitzgerald never once mentioned the environment. It was jobs or no jobs.


  1. John Nichols: "Greatest union organizer in the 21st century - Scott Walker

  2. They are a pack of ignoramuses.

    I've heard this Pillagers R Us mining bill will prop up Jeff Fitzgerald for his senate seat run. But I don't think there's enough propping in the world to make this meathead competitive, do you? That Marquette poll says "Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald is
    viewed favorably by 15 percent and unfavorably by 18 percent" . "Tommy Thompson holds the
    highest favorable evaluation with 49 percent favorable to 31 percent unfavorable"