Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Governor Refusing State Television interviews for the rest of week. Yawn.

Get this; Gov. Walker in now "refusing" to do interviews with Wisconsin television stations for the "rest of the week." Ouch?

What a way to get attention!!! After Walker's recent media blitz on every television and radio show in the nation, suddenly, state television media is blocked out. And TV stations everywhere takes the bait and whines.

Watch Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch at a trucking trade group groveling and forcing participants to shake her sweaty, pleading hand. Uncomfortable to watch to say the least. Or watch Republican Party of Wisconsin Stephen Thompson's uncomfortable shifting in his seat, shoulder shrugging, and face twitching, knowing the party has big problems.

Thompson called all of the potential Democratic candidates "yesterdays news." Projection? And here I thought we were going to have a policy debate. Really, name calling?  WKOW News:


  1. Love how the Republicans pick the message before the Democratic challenger is chosen. "Hand-picked by unions" my patootie! I'm not a union member, and neither are most of the people I know who signed the recall petitions. The unions will make their endorsements, but so will many other organizations and groups.

  2. You have it exactly right. But that's a difficult thing to understand when conservative voters have already been brainwashed with the "hand-picked by unions" label. They are endorsements, and nothing more.

    Perhaps we should be asking questions about Americans for Prosperity's endorsement of Walker..I mean their hand picked governor.