Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Relax, Walker has Slim Lead in Recent Poll.

DailyKos panicked today after Scott Walker appeared to beat every one of the potential candidates in the upcoming recall election. Not Russ Feingold, but hey, he's not running. 

It appears the DailyKos is forgetting about the Democratic challengers, their arguments for change, and candidate debates. There's time enough to make our arguments and time enough for Walker's mess to spread.

Here's a few more comforting words, from the coverage on WBAY:

When Marquette pollsters asked, respondents were split right down the middle on changes to collective bargaining -- 48 percent were for them, 47 percent were against them. But there is a huge difference on whether state workers should pay more for pension and health benefits -- 74 percent favor them paying more, while 22 percent are opposed. Overall, half of respondents believe our state is headed in the right direction, while 46 percent don't.

This may seem close, but Wegge says don't let this figure fool you. "The folks who are in opposition to Walker have a much greater intensity. They strongly disapprove of him whereas those who approve of him have a softer approval, so the intensity could come into play" in a recall election, Wegge said.

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  1. In addition to it being way early, with the better Dem candidates still to get in and introduce themselves, there's one major point to make. The poll is crap. It's heavily slanted toward the type of people who are Walker supporters (old conservatives in the Milwaukee suburbs).