Thursday, January 26, 2012

Walker's State of the State Spins out of Control, and out of Reality.

I just couldn't go through the Walker state of the state bullshit. The lies and spin made my head spin. Who knows, his loyal followers probably thought it was a wonderful speech, and sure showed recallers how wrong they were. Actually, my conservative friend did call and say just that.

Here's Ed Schultz with State Sen. Lena Taylor on the speech and a few of the louder protests.

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  1. You have a conservative friend? I dumped my last conservative friend during the Bush administration. I simply don't have time to waste on idiots. They have no sense of honor and can't be trusted not to knife you in the back. I think they all secretly fantasize about being police state informers.

    Conservatives are now my enemies. They want to take away my human rights and destroy my life, so I consider myself to be in a state of nonviolent war with them. I am always looking for a chance to get a boot in.

    That's what eight years of Bush/Cheney and one year of Walker have done for me.