Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Voter ID Law Comes with special Secret instructions, "Don't Register Voters."

The new voter ID law also requires Special Registration Deputies (SRD) to be sworn in locally, instead of by the GAB. The SRD’s can register voters in their districts. Oh, oh. That would increase voter turnout and…we can’t have that.

The following story, from Denise Lockwood at the Caledonia Patch, is another example of attempted election fraud, and should be a warning to anyone thinking Republicans were even slightly concerned about voting integrity.
When three Racine women wanted to register voters in Caledonia, they were told they couldn't by Village Clerk Karie Torkilsen. Now, two of those women have filed complaints with the Government Accountability Board and a third will likely be filed this week.

The GAB sent a memo out to municipal clerks, warning them not to arbitrarily deny appointments of Special Registration Deputies for their communities. Reid Magney, spokesman for the GAB, acknowledged the GAB received complaints about Torkilsen. Torkilsen said the details of how clerks were supposed to manage the deputizing process were unclear to her and she needed clarification before she issued them. “So it’s new. I needed to know more about what was involved with this before I started swearing in people.”

Oh, and guess what, the three women turned away; Democrats.
Over the past few months, Nikki Aiello; Jane Witt, chair for the Democratic Party of Racine County; and Kathleen Laru had already been certified and deputized to register voters in the City of Racine, and the village of Mt. Pleasant and Sturtevant. But on separate occasions, they each went to turn in their applications to Torkilsen, who allegedly refused to deputize them when they came into Caledonia Village Hall.

Nikki Aiello said she approached Torkilsen about training classes and being deputized in November. Torkilsen allegedly said she wasn’t “going to train just anyone,” that they would not be offering training classes. “But I said, ‘That means if people can’t register until election day, that might cause a problem because if they don’t come with the things they need on election day, they wouldn’t be able to vote and she said, ‘That’s right,’” Aiello said. “I definitely did not like her tone, my impression is that she really didn’t want other people registering voters.”

Torkilsen told Patch "...(I)f people come to register at the polls and they don’t have proper ID they can vote a Provisional ballot, which will be counted as soon as they provide the proper ID … I would not have told her ‘That’s right. They would not be able to vote.’”
Oh but it doesn't end there:
Witt said she requested to be sworn in early January. “(Torkilsen) said, ‘I don’t want everyone registering people all over the place, I don’t have control over this process’ and she refused to swear me in,” Witt said. “I was floored.” But Laru, who went to the Village Hall on Jan. 23, said she wasn’t asked her name, if she was certified or if she had any training when she came to the Caledonia Village Hall. Laru said Torkilsen told her she will not certify “random people.” “She immediately said she wasn’t going to certify me,” Laru said. “She didn’t say anything about checking things out first. Had she said that, I would have waited to turn in my complaint… But she turned me down flat.”

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