Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Conservative Bloggers whine about Fake Names. If there are any, who put them there? Is this an Admission?

I thought this was interesting:
Politico: Conservative bloggers rushed to defend Scott Walker Wednesday, dismissing many signatures on the recall petition as fraudulent...
How would they know? No ones seen the petitions yet. Did they put those fake names there (if there were any or not)? Getting mileage out of repeating the lie does energize the base, I guess, but what a way to have to do that. 

But this legitimate observation does say a lot:
...even as liberals celebrated the effort and derided Wisconsin’s Republican governor for being in New York City for a (AIG) fundraiser when the petitions were turned in.
I liked this comment:
 “Yeah, I remember when AIG went broke and destroyed the global economy. Good to know they’ve got Scott Walker’s back,” wrote a blogger at the Booman Tribune.

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