Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Republican thugs marking up petitions, MacIver Institute Dismisses Keeping Domestic Violence Victims off Internet, and so does GAB.

Take a look at the video footage in this report. Are the Republican hacks checking the recall signatures, completely insane, marking up the meticulously accumulated recall petitions. I guess it's okay to drag the most partisan critics in to pour over and trash signatures for what...penmanship?

Ethan Shuh, of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, even started the rumor (where's the proof) that a dead relative was found on one petition.

I can't stress enough; any bogus names and fabrications are the work of conservative lawbreakers destroying the integrity of the electoral process. If there are any fake names, we can thank Walker thugs. WKOW News, Tony Galli:

The wacky and radically conservative MacIver Institute doesn't give a damn about victims of spousal abuse and domestic violence, when they demanded that names of all petition signers be released immediately. This not only gives this group of thugs a black eye, but puts them right up there with media charlatans James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart. TMJ4:

UPDATE: Abuse victim names will be made available, despite no requirement to post recall petition names on internet. GAB joins MacIver thugs.

Weighing all of these concerns and public interests, we have concluded that the balancing test of the Public Records Law favors disclosure of the entire recall petition without redaction of information on a recall petition, even when individual signers have expressed a concern arising from prior abuse or violence committed against them by a person who is now subject to a restraining order.

Remember, Walker partisans already have the signatures, there's no hurry to give gun...marker toting losers another reason to take the law into their own hands.

Check out the Walker recall site here.  Note to Tony Galli; like the aerial view shot.


  1. I'm really uncomfortable about what some of these angry Walker supporters might do now that they have all this info available. And I'm extremely disturbed by the flippant way Kennedy dismisses the concerns of those trying to avoid abusers and stalkers. Wow.

    On a lighter note, the pages that Walker's people are looking at aren't the originals. The originals are in an undisclosed location, and these people are reviewing copies of the scanned documents.

  2. They're copies, yes, but can there possibly be that many questionable markings on each page. That's my point.

  3. They've probably been misinformed about what's legal. Root River Siren posted on a Racine JT article on the Waanggaarrdd reviewers (http://rootriversiren.blogspot.com/2012/01/wanggaards-patriot-powerwashing-team-as.html), and they're marking up perfectly legal things like different handwriting for addresses (all the signer has to do is write their signature -- the circulator can fill in everything else; otherwise, people with disabilities that make writing difficult wouldn't be able to exercise their constitutional rights). But the review team is marking these things, so they can go to the press and crow about all the terrible things they're finding, even though the petitions are perfectly legitimate. Then, the compliant press reports these lies without getting any rebuttal. Such a great system.

  4. While it is despicable that people who's life is threatened by stalkers and abusers will have their info published, there is more to the story upon reflection.

    I reference the LGBT community and the way that those enemies who placed the civil rights of minorities up for a vote in California, fought tooth and nail to prevent disclosure of the petition signers. The gay community had a right to know who was putting their civil liberties up for a vote.

    So while I can't say I relish the thought of right-wingers knowing who signed, I am old enough to know you must stand up to bullies and sometimes that means being punched by them too.

    So this gay progressive humbly suggests that Walker recall supporters who are upset over disclosure of the signatures may have a right to be upset, but only if retaliation does indeed follow disclosure.

    Politics functions best in the clear light of day, and that means revealing the names of those who signed petitions. It is the only protection minorities have in the end.

    I am on the side of the Good guys here, you can't defend yourself if you don't know who it is that is attacking you, your family and your friends. As a member of a minority group whose liberties were put up for a vote by those who wanted to remain in the shadows, I have to agree with Kevin Kennedy and stand by the decision to reveal all signatories. It is how democracies should work.

  5. Very good point about knowing your enemy. Still, there should be a way to protect victims of violent crime.