Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Democratic Challengers announce in Recalls.

A flurry of Democrats announced their challenges today to the sitting radical Republican recalled senators. From the Patch
Former State Sen. John Lehman, of Racine, has announced he will challenge Sen. Van Wanggaard to retake the state senate seat he lost in November 2010. "In 2010, Mr. Wanggaard never once agreed to debate or answer questions about what he would do in Madison," Lehman said. "And, to my knowledge, Wanggaard has never once in his year in office appeared at a listening session or a public meeting where the critical citizen could ask questions."

Wanggaard responded by making one huge mistake; following the talking points we’re already tired of hearing from Scott Walker. We also know those talking points are inaccurate and purposely misleading. Will conservative voters tolerate being snow jobbed? Probably.
Wanggaard: "Voters are going to have a clear choice. Do they want to go back to the Jim Doyle and John Lehman days of billion dollar budget deficits, lost jobs and skyrocketing taxes, or do they want balanced budgets, lower taxes and a Wisconsin that continues to move forward towards job creation, fiscal responsibility and common sense?"

Sorry, but Gov. Doyle and the Democratic legislature had to deal with the Great Recession. Ya think that might have been a problem? Under standard accounting practices, which include promised tax cuts and budgeting, the Walker administration is over $3 billion dollars in deficit. Ooops. And lower taxes only applies to business. As a property tax payer, taxes didn’t go down. That’s supposed to make me happy?
The Wisconsin Democrats just announced that former Rep. Kristen Dexter and Rep. Donna Seidel would take on other recalled senators.

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