Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ed Schultz and Mike Tate Talk Recall

Chris Matthews checked in with Ed Schultz, in Madison, and DPW's Mike Tate. Ed's got a great perspective on labor, and doesn't hold back.


  1. And yet we have substantiated reports that 16yr olds were asked to sign the petition....we see how many of them hold up to challenge. If anything Democrats are great at getting out the vote! Dead people, illegial aliens, the under 18 vote. Even JFK thought he wouldn't have survived a recount of Illinois in 1960.

  2. Keep telling yourself Democrats would do all the things conservatives themselves have thought of doing.

    Why would a Walker opponent sign a fake name? Why sign kids? Why sign illegal aliens (you fear them don't you?)?

    I heard a conservative group asked Walker supporters to sign Hitler. That's your side. Oh well, cliche's are so easy to troll here.