Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marquette University Law School Poll finds big support for Voter ID. Really?

You know that poll that showed Scott Walker in the lead over all possible Democratic recall opponents? It seemed wrong for some reason. Well...

I’m beginning to believe we were duped, because the public can’t be this gullible in thinking we have a voter fraud problem. If Wisconsinites are this supportive voter ID, without knowing the possible problems, then we’re in big trouble as a country.

Many have blamed the poll for taking samples in highly conservative areas. Even so, are they this crazy?
AP: A new poll shows most people support a state law that requires voters to show photo identification at the ballot box starting next month. The Marquette University Law School poll released Wednesday shows 66 percent of 701 registered voters favor the law. Thirty-two percent oppose it.

Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature passed the law last spring, saying it was needed to combat voter fraud even though there have been few instances reported in Wisconsin.


  1. You're completely remiss in your concept of "we". You assume that you and your own circle of daily contacts are far more like "everyone" than they actually are. You read "liberal" bloggers and think that's "reasonable" and "rational".
    If you haven't gotten the idea by now that America is made up of many many groups of people with WILDLY differing perceptions then...well, I just don't know what to say.
    Think of the people who perceive America as A Christian Nation and then get really upset and feel abused and persecuted at any suggestion that it is not made up of Only People Like Them and anyone else MUST be deliberately taunting them. Bamboozling just to cause trouble.
    That's what this kind of shtick is sounding like. Just like religious people faced with any ideas that do not support their own dogma and what they wish so desperately will happen. Keep the Faith, right?

  2. This poll was written by Marquette but privatized to LHK Partners a marketing communication company.

    That may or may not affect it's outcome but I have problems with how some of the questions were asked.

    When VoterID gets 66% approval I find the whole poll a questionable one.

    I would have phrased it differently. "Do you approve of being forced to go to DMV to get an ID?

  3. 701 participants? You have to be kidding me. What was the margin of error, 15%?

  4. According to LHK Partners website their clients include Coca Cola, GE, Georgia-Pacific (Koch brothers), Walmart, Walgreens and the Annenberg Public Policy Center (extreme right-wing). Obviously they give their clients what they want.