Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watching Scott Watching MLK Speaker Sherrilyn Ifill.

Watching this video of the MLK celebration at the state Capitol, I couldn't help notice Scott Walker's reactions to Sherrilyn Ifill's speech, and his bizarre continuous nodding...until voter ID and labor rights came up. Lt. Gov. Kleefisch blissfully looked on, never quite connecting her version of reality, to the historical subject matter at hand.

According to the Cap Times’ Dave Zweifel: This year it was Sherrilyn Ifill, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Law and a former assistant counsel for the NAACP where she litigated numerous voting rights cases. Her message was that Dr. King never sat still. Instead of resting on his laurels after winning a battle, he'd ready himself for the next one. She added that it would be an insult to his memory if we pretended we didn't know how we stand on the issues today … She got the crowd standing and cheering when, with Gov. Scott Walker sitting directly behind her, she insisted that King would have been advocating for fair wages and working conditions for workers and would have been leading the charge against the voter ID laws that are sweeping the country. The crowd clearly took that as a rebuff to the governor and Legislature which have smashed public unions and passed one of the nation's most restrictive voter ID measures.

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